hihp - Dec 31, 1969 at 19:00
Ron, I am sure no developer reading your post would hitch about solutions... I for myself am only a hobby programmer, but I have done my share of Android development and know what you are talking about ^^ Sort of reminds me of those old days when you had to tailor your sound output not only for a SoundBlaster(TM), but also had to code for AdLib(TM) etc...

Seeing how many people use Android these days, it is therefore highly appreciated that you guys are putting so much effort into the Android version!

I'd love to say "Well, at least the next graphic adventure you write will be a bliss, will all only be writing a new story and scripting it, no more work on the engine or the ports", but we both know that would be a lie... But it WILL be less work, so all the time you invest now is well-spent :D