Schnee - Dec 31, 1969 at 19:00
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

I tried having the characters talk to each other almost immediately when first playing the game, and was a bit disappointed that it didn't work. It wasn't a big issue, but I think it's excellent that this is going to change now -- and I'm squarely in the "why IS Ransome helping them" camp as well (Delores was less of an issue for me there, she's a nice girl after all), so I hope it's going to clear up a thing or two. (Until now I've simply assumed that, asshole or not, he realized that they had the same goal and that working with the others would be to his own benefit.)

And the hint line -- great idea. I've resisted using hints and spoilers, but I'm not a veteran puzzle solver, and sometimes I got stuck for a long time before figuring out the solution. Having the option to get hints for people who've got less time/patience can only be a good thing and make Thimbleweed Park accessible to a wider audience.  (And if anyone complains about the hint line's existence... just point 'em to Part IV of Monkey Island 2; that's prior art right there!)

TL;DR, here's a big "thank you" to the entire team for continuing to work on the game, adding to it and improving it even now. You rock!