Lukas ThyWalls - Dec 31, 1969 at 19:00
Hi Ron

I want to ask something midly-related to the translations, and for that i wanna to post in a post you talk about, and maybe it's the best one i think. I don't know if someone ask something related.

You want to add the possibility for user-made translations, this don't affect me directly because i'm spanish but i think it's very good, but what about differents dubs? My girlfriend works in that area and knows some amateurs projects of games that someone want to be dubbed, and they make it real, and although is more difficult than a simple translation, some projects goes to the goal with a decent results. I know it could be (very) difficult in your side, but if you don't decide yet the sound system, maybe you can make something to have the door open to this option of "fan-dubs", maybe having a structure of folders and "exchanging" the sounds of the dialogs or something else.

Only this one. Great work, Ron, always beautiful ;)